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Michigan Diver LLC

The Great Lakes and inland lakes of Michigan provide some of the world’s best scuba diving adventures. Because of the cold fresh water, historic shipwrecks of all types of construction are preserved in unbelievable condition.

It is very common for underwater visibility to exceed 40 feet in many areas of the lakes. During peak diving season visibility can be in excess of 100 feet. The clarity explains why Michigan's 10 underwater preserves, studded with hundreds of shipwrecks and beautiful natural formations, have become extremely popular with scuba divers from across the country and around the world.

Michigan Diver LLC is a proud SDI and TDI Dive Center with two shop locations (Port Austin, MI and Attica, MI). We specialize in technical diving for the Great Lakes. Our dive shops can provide top quality gear sales and service, fill services for air, nitrox, and trimix, and charter services for dive shops and organizations. We welcome both open circuit and rebreather divers.

Our locations are open by appointment to make things convenient for our customers and are happy to ship and support our customers located outside of Michigan.   Visit our online shop for quick shipment of any gear you may need!

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We specialize in technical diving the amazing shipwrecks in Lake Huron.  Visit our Dive Charter page to learn more!

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Advance your scuba diving skills with specialty classes and technical diving instruction.

Thumb Bottomland Preserve

The Thumb Bottomland Preserve holds some of the most well preserve shipwrecks in the world.

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The Forgotten Souls of 1913

The team at Michigan Diver continues to investigate the hidden treasures at the bottom of Lake Huron. We recently released a new DVD documentary, "The Forgotten Souls of 1913". This documentary investigates the Great Storm of 1913 that ravenged the Great Lakes Region and lead to the sinking of many ships. We investigate two of the tragic sinkings and find evidence to rewrite the history books over 100 years later.

Get your DVD copy today of "The Forgoten Souls of 1913"! 

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Port Austin
967 Port Austin Road
Port Austin, MI  48467

1265 Mitchell Lake Road
Attica, MI  48412


Email: info@michigandiver.com 
Phone: (810) 771-3483