June 22nd, 2008 - Thelma Spencer Park
U.S. Scuba Open Water Certification Dives

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Setting up gear for our first checkout dive for the day.

Getting the dive plan!

Yup. I think I have this figured out.

The group spread out.

Gearing up.

My open water dive buddy.

It was too hot of a day to be trying to get on a 7mm wetsuit!

Yup. Way too hot!

Ok. I've finally got this thing on. Get me to the water!

An instructor from U.S. Scuba out of Rochester Hills, MI

Ahhh.... Gotta love the water!

Much better cooled down.

Have gear... Will dive!

This are great pics. Its one of the only times you will see me with a snorkle!

Ok guys... I'm ready!

Look at all those dive floats and flags!

See ya later!

Everyone finishing up drills for the checkout dive.

Changing tanks post dive.

Filling out dive logs.

Describing the dive plan and route with the instructor from U.S. Scuba.

Back into the 7mm wetsuit again.

Out performing our navigation dive.

We made it! :o)

A certified Open Water Diver.

Finishing dive logs for the day.

The group!

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