February 7th, 2010, Super Bowl Sunday Ice Dive - Long Lake
Lake Orion, MI

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The group getting set up on the ice.

A fire was built for the wetsuit divers to warm up to after their dive.

The club provided chili, munchies, and hot chocolate for the divers!

The dive site.

My dive buddy underwater enjoying his first ice dive!

A view looking back on the line to the hole. We are far enough out with the vis that you can't see the hole in the ice.

I think the air trapped under the ice from our breathing looks really cool.

Another shot of my dive buddy enjoying his first ice dive.

Ian enjoying a break between divers.

We even had wetsuit divers take part in the annual ice dive event. When she got out, she was smiling from ear to ear!

Mmmm Munchies!

Thanks Jan!

A nice spot to warm up!

Ians done!

The dive site at the end of the dive.

Also check out the video of this event posted in the video gallery!


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