March 19th - 25th, 2010 - MLDA Florida Spring Dives

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A group of divers from the Michigan Lake Divers Assocation made the long drive trek to Florida's Crystal River area for some fresh water cavern/cave diving.   The divers that made the trip were:

Dave Zarling
Jim Leslie
Dave Richmond
Brent Jackson
Michael Lynch

Photos are a compilation by Dave Zarling and Michael Lynch.

(Click on Image to Enlarge)

Got Air?

The campsite!

Can you tell divers camp here?

Yup, its gotta be divers camping here!

Our nights accomodations on the way back at a rest stop in Georgia.

Morning wakeup and breakfast at the rest stop.

Are we all wake?

Dave's dive buddy!

The vibe loaded with air for the trip.

Thursday nights dinner at a rest stop south of Atlanta Georgia. This would also be the place we crashed for the night.

American Dive Pro. This was the dive shop that we did most of our dives with.


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