April 23rd - 25th, 2010, Great Lakes Wrecking Crew Spring Meet and Greet
Gilboa Quarry, Gilboa, OH

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Swiming down to the Jet in not so good visibility.

Getting ready for the dive.

Eric is ready for the dive.

Ted and John getting ready for a deep dive.

Keith setting up his underwater MP3 player.

Swimming through the Jet.

Swimming through the tubes.

A VW Bus!

Jeff - Playing pilot in the jet.

Jeff - One would think he is into airplanes or something...

Eric inspecting the helicopter.

The deep side staging docks.

Deep side entry steps.

Hard to believe it is a straight show down to 125 feet from here!

The shallow side staging docks.

Yup. We are at Gilboa!

Shallow side stagging docks

Entry steps for the shallow side.

Breakfast anyone???


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