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The Great Lakes and inland lakes of Michigan provide some of the worlds best scuba diving adventures.  Because of the cold fresh water, historic shipwrecks of all types of construction are preserved in unbelievable condition.

It is common for underwater visibility to exceed 40 feet in many areas of the lakes.  The clarity explains why Michigan's 10 underwater preserves, studded with hundreds of shipwrecks and beautiful natural formations, have become extremely popular with scuba divers from accross the country.

Experience the adventures and thrill of diving these historic treasures through our Dive Blog, Video Channel, and Photo Galleries.   Or, better yet, jump into the adventure yourself and become a Great Lakes Scuba Diving and join the Michigan Diver LLC Dive Team.

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When I go diving

Life is just better;
The sky is bluer;

The air is sweeter;
The grass and trees are greener;

The sun is warmer;
My freedom is freer;
My friends are closer.

When I glide through that blue-green diamond,
And see the wonders just beneath the surface,
My faith is deeper.

                                                  - Dennis Wisniewski

(Cindy in the Engine Room of the Daniel J. Morrell in Lake Huron)





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